With a comprehensive energy audit, each company can record energy consumption in detail, identify potential savings and save energy costs by implementing appropriate efficiency measures. We support you with the introduction and auditing according to DN EN 16247.

Services in the field of energy management and energy auditing

  •  Auditing according to DIN EN 16247 (energy audit)
  • Free use of our energy management software during the auditing
  • Recommendations for optimization actions and amortization calculations

Energy management systems (EMS) or an energy audit are compulsory for all companies in the EU with a size of 250 employees, a turnover of 50 million euros or a profit of 43 million euros.

Why energy management systems?

Due to the requirements of the law, all companies with a size of 250 employees or more than 50 million euros in turnover and 43 million euros of annual balances must prove an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 or EMAS or EN 16247. The following advantages result:

  •  Identification of energy-intensive processes and business areas with savings potential
  • Cost reduction through savings
  • Compliance with legal requirements and use of legal support (e.g. EEG compensation and tax capping)
  • Contribution to resource saving and climate protection
  • Positive image and competitive advantages
  • Involvement of employees, customers, suppliers, …

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