With FacilityManagement enables buildings and real estate management and monitoring.

The software is currently under development and is expected to be available in Q3 2017.

Features and benefits from FacilityManagement:

    • Free-text and photo-function for each property
    • Upload of related contracts and other documents
    • Administration and automatic reminder function for eg cancellations, maintenance or other events
    • Creation of responsible persons and third parties in the respective buildings; Optional: timely and automatic sending of a reminder e-mail before the due date to the parties involved
    • Map function with insight of the real estate locations
    • Calendar function for viewing the upcoming events
    • Kalenderfunktion  zur Einsicht der bevorstehenden Ereignisse
    • Use and visualization with common smartphones (iOS, Android) easily possible
    • Customizable

The FacilityManagement software meets the highest requirements of data protection by a certified server operation according to DIN EN ISO 27001 and revision security.

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  • Single license
    69 € per month
    • 1 User (read/write data)
    • Use as a single module
  • License up to 10 users
    99 € per month
    • 1 Admin (user management, read/write data)
    • 9 Users (read/write data)
    • Use as a single module
  • Lizenz für jede Teamgröße
    25 € per user per month
    • 1 Admin (User management, read/write data)
    • Unlimited users (read/write data)
    • Use as a single module

* 10% discount when using additional software components from SSC

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